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  • 網站主辦方:中國睡眠聯盟、全國衛生產業企業管理協會睡眠產業分會



    China Sleep Products Association

    China Sleep Products Association (CSPA) is the first and only ONE non-government organization of sleep industry affiliated to National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China. Guided by National Health Commission, CSPA adheres to the orientation of "serving the public health and clinical needs, serving the innovation and development of sleep industries, serving the requirements of national economy and social development" and makes integration of global high-qualified sleep resources to construct an open social platform where governments, sleep industries, universities and research institutions could depend on each other and share a common industrial ecology. CSPA continues to push forward structural reform transformation on sleep products and make traditional sleep industries upgrading to meet the people's expectations for a better life.

    CSPA’s mission:
    Serve public health, serve sleep products industry, serve national economy.

    CSPA’s vision:
    Better Sleep,Better Life

    Committee members

    Dakui Yin

    Honorary Chairman 

    Ayu Chen


    Jiqing Yao


    Guangliang Wang

    Executive Chairman & Secretary General

    China Sleep Congress

    Global Oscar Sleep Awards

    China Sleep Quality Index

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